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December 1, 2009

See-Through Noise Barriers Help Florida Golf Course Stay Visible

PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP® Provides Superior Alternative to Concrete Noise Barriers for Killian Greens Golf Club

Noise barriers are a benefit for homeowners who live near a major highway, as they reduce noise and increase quality of life. However, not all noise barriers are created equal. The majority of noise barrier installations involve precast concrete panels that reduce noise but also reduce visibility. For businesses located close to a thoroughfare, such as Killian Greens Golf Club in Miami, FL, a concrete noise barrier is also a barrier to potential customers.

“Ever since its inception, the Killian Greens Golf Club has enjoyed an uninhibited view from the expressway,” said Killian Greens owner Russ Breiner. “When the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) proposed a concrete noise barrier to mitigate noise for nearby residential areas we asked them to consider not building on our frontage, which spans a few thousand feet across.”

However, proper noise mitigation requires a continuous wall. While MDX was willing to provide landscaping features to the golf course to compensate for lost visibility, this did not solve the underlying problem, according to Breiner.

“We are a public golf course. We need the public to know we are there and motorists seeing us as they drive on the expressway are a big part of our exposure,” he explained. “A concrete noise wall would prevent travelers from noticing our beautiful course.”

The answer for Killian Greens was PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP® Noise Barrier Sheet, a clear noise barrier alternative from Evonik Cyro LLC that is used extensively worldwide and has been part of many successful projects in North America. According to Mike Edwards of Durisol, a division of Armtec Limited Partnership and the exclusive distributor of PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP, “PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP is ideal for blocking highway noise while preserving visibility and light. The material is durable, suitable for long-term noise barrier applications, and provides a great alternative for designers challenged to maintain historic, majestic, or businessminded views.”

The section along Killian Greens, adjacent to the 2nd and 16th holes, required approximately 9,000 square feet of PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP Ready Fit Panels spanning 20-foot bays with a total height of 22 feet to provide maximum visibility. The framed panels were easily installed in conjunction with the standard concrete posts commonly used in Florida.

Durisol worked closely with Evonik and MDX to design a custom frame to adapt the PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP to the standard concrete post. The result – modifications to the MDX-approved precast concrete system were not required and the contractor was able to simply install the transparent PARAGLAS noise barrier panels in lieu of precast panels. “PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP is ideal because it can be readily modified by Durisol for use with virtually any noise barrier system,” said Edwards.

Following the installation, Breiner and company had their first glimpse at what they helped create.

“We were and remain pleased with the wall and with MDX. They bent over backwards to try and meet our needs. Normal noise walls are unsightly and block more than just noise. PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP from Evonik Cyro allows for a more aesthetic barrier with much greater visibility,” said Breiner. “The new panels provide a solution to our original problem. Customers have reacted positively and support the new panels use.”

PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP Noise Barrier Sheet has been successfully used in transparent noise barriers along roads and railroads around the world for more than 30 years. In the U.S., the sheet has been featured on the Marquette Interchange in Milwaukee, the new Woodrow Wilson Bridge, and at the University of Pennsylvania to name only a few. PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP sheet is extremely resistant to weathering from UV exposure, and retains clarity and strength through decades of sunlight exposure.

For more information on PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP Noise Barrier Sheet, please visit: or call Nathan Binette at 207.490.4313.

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Evonik Cyro LLC is an Evonik Degussa Corporation group company. Headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, Evonik Cyro is a leading manufacturer of acrylic sheet and molding compounds, and bulk and performance monomers. CYRO manufactures and markets its acrylic sheet products under the ACRYLITE® trade name in the Americas. These same products are manufactured and marketed under the PLEXIGLAS® trade name on the European, Asian, African and Australian continents.

Durisol Inc is a division of Armtec Limited Partnership.

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