Mirror-like Surface Helps Create Panoramic View in New Mexico Custom Home

Parsippany, NJ, February 2009

When nature lovers David and Sherry Miller built a custom home outside Santa Fe, New Mexico they wanted to be able to enjoy the outdoor scenery from as many vantage points as possible. One of the best views is from their kitchen, which overlooks the picturesque Sangre de Cristo Mountains. In fact, Sherry thought the mountains were so beautiful she wanted to be sure the panoramic scene outside her home was integrated into her living space by making the mountains visible from any spot in the kitchen. Designing cabinetry with a mirror-like reflective surface has made all of that possible.

The new cabinets are designed with PARAPAN®, a brilliant, high-gloss, durable solid surface made by Evonik Cyro LLC. The reflective qualities of PARAPAN® serve as a perfect complement to the two sets of windows – one set facing east and the other north – in the kitchen. Now, the Millers can enjoy the view when they’re preparing a meal at the counter, sitting at the kitchen table, or entertaining.

“It is such a spectacular view that we wanted to be able to see it from any vantage point in the kitchen. With the PARAPAN® cabinets, it’s as if we are surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains,” said Sherry.

Creating that visual was only part of the challenge for Jeff Carbine, owner of Carbine Woodworks, a custom cabinet maker based in Santa Fe. Carbine and his team also had to make sure that the cabinets were of the highest quality, so they were consistent with the Millers’ overall kitchen design. Elegant in its appearance, the kitchen features stainless steel appliances, a granite countertop that also has reflective qualities, and high-end tiles for the floor.

The Millers chose Anthracite gray, one of 17 distinctive PARAPAN® colors, to offset the natural elements of their surroundings. Anthracite was selected because it matched the woodwork in the house and because its darker appearance adds to the reflective quality of the cabinets. “In the reflection, I can make out every pine needle on the trees across the way,” said David.

Though Carbine works almost exclusively with wood-based products, he came away duly impressed with PARAPAN®. “I like the product a lot. It has a very even and consistent color, and it is very tough. It’s a nice hard product,” said Carbine. It even held up to the toughest challenge of the cabinets, the pantry pullout drawers. In fact, Carbine was so satisfied with the durable solid surface he will show PARAPAN® to future customers if they would like a similar look as the one achieved in the Miller’s kitchen.

More than a Beautiful Look

Aesthetics are only part of the reason why PARAPAN® has worked so well in the Miller’s kitchen. The durability, UV and water resistance of PARAPAN® were key elements for the Millers when choosing the perfect surface for their kitchen cabinets.

Toughness was a major consideration, given the high-traffic location. Obviously, the durable solid surface had to be able to withstand everyday use, which has been the case to date. “I love that if something happens I can buff it down and not lose any color,” said Sherry.

The same windows that allow the Millers to enjoy the beautiful view also let in a tremendous amount of sunlight. The UV resistance of PARAPAN® protects the lustrous color of the cabinetry ensuring that the high-gloss surface will continue to reflect the vista for years to come.

The water resistant attribute was of utmost importance. Unlike other finishes, PARAPAN® is naturally and permanently resistant to moisture, thereby eliminating the potential for the cabinets to shrink or swell.

A love of nature also meant the Millers appreciated the fact that PARAPAN® is well suited for green designs. It is the perfect choice when making an environmentally conscious decision. It does not contain formaldehyde or VOCs, which can result in the release of harmful vapors or gases, and is free of plasticizers and bisphenol A. PARAPAN® also does not contain lacquers, paints or adhesives. The Millers chose to use environmentally-friendly ACRIFIX™ AC 1010 Anti-Static cleaner on the cabinets to maintain the mirror-like appearance and provide the anti-static feature so necessary in a kitchen application.

Ultimately, the Millers are pleased with their choice because it produced the look they wanted. “The ability to enjoy the view, even when my back is turned to the windows, is great,” said Sherry. “I’m thrilled with my choice in PARAPAN®. When I see the reflection in the cabinets, it’s so clear it almost looks like a photograph. You just can’t get that mirror finish with other products on the market today.”

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