ACRYLITE® for Aquarium and Specialty Glazing


Water structures are becoming ever more spectacular, from aquariums and enclosures where visitors come face to face with sea animals, to pools with see through walls. ACRYLITE® is the ideal choice for these applications. It is absolutely colorless and provides an undistorted view. The bodies of swimmers and animals keep their true appearance under water, in the right colors and proportions.

There is no greenish tinge or clouding, even when thicker material is used. Structures such as aquariums and pools make high demands on the materials they are made from. The material has to withstand immense water pressure. Where glass comes up against its technical limits, the special properties offered by ACRYLITE® give visitors a look below the water surface.

Evonik recommends that all acrylic water vessels, including aquariums, should be constructed with cell cast ACRYLITE® cast acrylic sheet. This requirement exists for two reasons:

1. ACRYLITE® cast sheet is more capable of withstanding continuous loads than continuously manufactured or extruded sheet.

2. ACRYLITE® cast sheet maintains a high level of mechanical strength after water absorption has reached equilibrium. 


To thrive, tropical environments and habitats require a natural full light spectrum. ACRYLITE®’s unique spectral options allow these environments to be artificially replicated to achieve the conditions dictated by the application.

ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skinned sheet’s light-transmitting and energy efficiency properties deliver high levels of natural, diffused sunlight, creating a bright, comfortable and safe environment for people, plants and animals. The ability to reproduce desired lighting conditions combined with an exceptionally long service life and significant savings in annual energy costs mean a high level of product satisfaction for curators of acrylic-glazed facilities.


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