ACRYLITE® for Residential Enclosures


Get the protection you want while still enjoying the sun's natural light.

Enhance your outdoor living space with ACRYLITE®

Tired of the limitations of canvas, metal and glass, more and more homeowners are realizing that ACRYLITE® offers the best solution for their family’s outdoor protection and comfort. Your backyard is your oasis. Make it comfortable and usable every day with the uncompromising protection of ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheet. Enjoy soft, filtered light and superior overhead protection while you immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

Atriums • Carports • Awnings • Wind Screens • Solariums • Conservatories • Patio Covers • Skylights • Balcony Parapets • Interior Wall Panels • Spa Enclosures • Hobby Greenhouses • Pool Enclosures • Sunrooms

Discover for yourself why ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheet is a wise investment for your family and your pocketbook:

ACRYLITE® protects your family with safe, filtered light

Patio solutions made with ACRYLITE® multi-skin sheet temper the sun’s harsh heat, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the summer sun, without the risks. Available in a range of solar tints, these panels have been designed to block harmful UV rays and also block up to 80 per cent of the sun’s heat. 

ACRYLITE® extends the use of your outdoor space

Homeowners who love the outdoors are all too familiar with the disappointment of being chased inside by scorching sunlight or a downpour of rain. Incorporating ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheet into your outdoor space allows you to enjoy time outside, no matter what the weather. With our range of enclosure options you can easily create a multi-season sunspace that stays cool in blazing summer heat and cozy on frigid winter days.


ACRYLITE® is easily customized, reflecting your unique needs and personal style

Your home is not a big box, so why settle for a big-box solution? ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheet ensures your outdoor room looks like a natural extension of your home. With our diverse range of acrylic sheets and enclosure options, you can be sure your new outdoor space is custom fabricated to suit your needs and design preferences.

Available in a wide range of colors, solar tints, and surface textures, ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheet can also be combined with many other window and wall systems to create a multi-season addition.

ACRYLITE® is easy to install

ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheet can be ordered as a prefabricated structure solution that is shipped to the size exact requirements of your outdoor space. Average installation times range from six hours to less than two days, so your leisure time will be spent enjoying your new outdoor space, not building it.

ACRYLITE® stands up to extreme North American weather. Heat waves, damaging hail, torrential rains and heavy winter snow are no match for ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheet. Our German-engineered sheeting is made with the most weatherable polymer available with unique properties that help it excel in the most extreme North American weather.

ACRYLITE® will never yellow and will last for decades to come

Other plastic covers simply cannot stand up to ACRYLITE® because they can quickly become brittle, discolored and unsightly. ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheet won’t degrade like fiberglass, polycarbonate and PVC alternatives because they’re made with the most weatherable polymer available.

Shatter-resistant and designed to withstand driving rain, howling winds, one-inch hail and harsh winter snowstorms, they’re also protected by the best warranties in the business. Start your next outdoor project with the confidence that ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheet will never yellow. We’re so confident we offer a 30-year non-yellowing warranty and a 10-year hail warranty. 

ACRYLITE® is an environmentally friendly alternative

When substandard patio coverings get damaged, they often take a direct trip to the landfill. ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheets last for decades, and when the time does come to replace them, they can be recycled.


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