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ACRYLITE® for Automotive


ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet products offers high-impact resistance, outstanding optical quality, resistance to heat, chemicals, and weathering, and its light weight translates into increased fuel efficiencies. It is easily thermoformed, enabling precise fabrication of aerodynamic shapes.

ACRYLITE® Optical anti-reflective sheet is an ideal glazing material for optical displays, improving screen clarity with more than 97 percent light transmission. It cuts glare to less than 2 percent total light reflectance allowing displays to be easily viewed from any angle regardless of lighting conditions. With many times the impact strength of glass and greater mar resistance than uncoated sheet, it provides added protection and increased durability for front panel displays, i.e. PDA, LCD, CRT, PDP and instrument clusters.

Evonik Cyro offers custom laser cut parts to design specs, saving OEM’s both time and money.