ACRYLITE® for Aviation & Aerospace


Evonik Cyro has consistently manufactured acrylic products for both military and commercial aircraft applications.

Whether for huge commercial airliners or small sailplanes, they must withstand extremes of temperature, fire-safety, protect against UV radiation, be tough and weather-resistant. On top of all that, they have to weigh as little as possible. One important target is to cut fuel consumption by reducing weight. ACRYLITE® and EUROPLEX® aircraft construction materials help to promote developments in all these fields.

ACRYLITE® aviation sheet products are used in aircraft glazing applications and are inspected to ensure superior optics.  Our products also offer greater resistance to stress cracking,  boasts a higher heat deflection temperature under load and are highly suitable for jet canopies and windshields.

EUROPLEX®  sheets made from flameproof polycarbonate are suitable for manufacturing smaller molded parts. Typical applications include seat covers, armrest and folding table covers, and light installations (backlit information signs, light covers, emergency exit signs).

EUROPLEX® PPSU sheet materials meet the requirements of the so-called Heat Release Test (OSU), which makes them suitable for larger cabin components. Examples include doorframe covers, monitor cases, or oxygen bottle holders.

Furthermore, transparent PPSU sheet materials introduce new design options for the cabin (transparent stair paneling, separators, shelves, bar and kitchen facilities). PPSU sheets are available in transparent and opaquely colors. The opaque material is typically used in paneling for walls, doors, and ceilings, while transparent sheets are used in cabin interiors like cabin dividers.