ACRYLITE® for Museum and Vitrines


application areas

For exceptional showcasing and enduring protection, museum designers rely on ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet products. With important safeguarding characteristics, these products provide the preferred aesthetics and conservation performance required for vitrines and display cases that protect cultural, biological, and historical exhibits.

The National Archives, The Smithsonian, and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County are just a few of the museums utilizing ACRYLITE® conservation sheet products to protect their exhibits. ACRYLITE® UV filtering (OP2) conservation sheet filters out 98% of damaging UV light. ACRYLITE® UV filtering (OP2) combines UV protection with abrasion and chemical resistance, for greater scratch resistance and less marring from frequent cleanings.

ACRYLITE® is the clear choice of the finest museums throughout North America!