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Lighting is much more than just brightness. It should create an atmosphere and give rooms and the items within it unmistakable character. Whether the setting is residential, industrial or commercial, lighting has many functions to perform. All environments need to be properly lit to suit their various requirements. Key factors are the quality and distribution of light, as well as energy efficiency. ACRYLITE® is the ideal material to meet these demands.

The lighting industry and its developments are currently undergoing a major transformation, moving away from classical light sources to LED technology. This enables new types of lighting and luminaire design. The advantages are greater luminous efficiency with lower energy consumption, slimmer light boxes, and a huge variety of color – but these benefits can only be maximized if the luminaire material matches the technology.

With its unusual light-guiding properties, ACRYLITE® offers a wide range of options. That applies both to conventional light sources and also when the focus is on design rather than function. The material inspires designers to create entirely new light impressions that speak to the emotions.


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