UV protective films for exterior compact laminate (HPL)

Thanks to our expertise in chemicals and to a patented formulation of co-extruded films, we have successfully developed a product range dedicated to the UV protection of vertical exterior grade compact laminates. 


Film 99836 is our pure PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) UV protective film for exterior grade compact laminates. It absorbs more than 98 percent of the UV radiation and shows optimal performance in long time outdoor weathering.


Film HC 99716 is our premium film for the HPL market segment. On top with a boosted UV protection performance (more than 99.8 percent of the UV are blocked), it has PVDF as top layer. Additionally to the utmost UV protection, the PVDF layer provides superior chemical resistance and an anti-soiling/easy to clean surface. Both products include a tailor made formulation of the PMMA base layer that achieves a chemical bonding onto the laminated melamine panels.

The UV protective ACRYLITE

Film 99836 and EUROPLEX

Film HC 99716 are directly applied during the manufacturing process of the panels. No additional equipment, process step or adhesive is necessary.